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Nicholas de Vere’s long-awaited book, The Dragon Legacy, is far more than a history. It is a down-to-earth account of a family whose roots go back to the times of the Egyptian Pharoahs whose influence has come, directly through the ages, to us today. It is not a book for those who are slavishly attracted to “New Agers” - de Vere does not have much time for them. The academic but sometimes humorous work includes extracts from the Dragon Court archives, and amounts to the official history of the Dragon peoples, and the persecution that they have undergone throughout history. Some of the secrets of “Vampirism” are revealed in the context of the ancient history of the family, and we are told the truth behind vampiristic rituals. The impact of the myth and truth behind Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is also discussed. The book is written to answer questions, which it does well. However, it goes further than that, and inspires the reader to re-evaluate all that is most familiar in Western history and religion.

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