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I have travelled all across the world, and I have seen a number of different homes, but I do not believe that I have ever witnessed anything quite as beautiful as the seaside residences in Singapore.  That is saying a whole lot, especially considering the fact that I have visited a number of homes that were sitting on vast amounts of land in a beautiful country side.  Of course, the sturdee residence is a whole lot more cosmopolitan than those kinds of places, as it is a large group of condos in a giant building located in an urban area.  However, whether you prefer urban or rural areas, this particular place is so stunning that it will have you constantly wishing that you could go back.

Of course, Singapore itself is an incredibly beautiful place with a bustling economy and a whole lot of different sites to see.  The culture is all its own, and it is probably one of the best urban experiences that I have ever had while travelling.  If you add in the fact that I got a chance to stay at this beautiful residence of condos, it just makes the entire experience a whole lot better.  Really, it made me wish that I could move to Singapore and live in that building.  If I were to live there, even with everything that Singapore has to offer, I would likely rarely leave the residence.

sturdee residence

This place is the epitome of luxury living.  It is a large building that includes everything that any resident could possibly ask for.  Whether one wants to take a dip in the pool or go work out in the indoor gym, there is no limit as to what activities one might be able to take part in simply by stepping out their door.