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On most Halloweens, I tend to have my wife make the costumes for the kids herself, and they always end up being some of the coolest costumes I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, with the economy being how it is, this year she has had to work longer hours and will simply not have the time to spend on making the Halloween Costumes herself.  This is an unfortunate turn of events, and it leaves me in the predicament of having to purchase costumes for the kids even though funds are a little bit tight right now.  Fortunately, I have found a number of options that will help me to lessen the load and get some good costumes for the kids at a low cost.  They might not quite be as cool as the costumes my wife usually makes, but they will serve as a decent substitute.

    What I decided to do was to go online and look at the many different retailers that sell these costumes over the internet.  Now, not all online retailers are created equal, and some of them are insanely expensive for the quality of costume that they are providing, but if you do adequate research, as I did, you might be able to find a good website that offers great costumes at a fraction of the price that other retailers charge.

Halloween Costumes

    I did find an excellent website like this, and the costumes just came in the mail yesterday.  Although I think my kids and I would still prefer the homemade costumes that my wife is so good at creating, these will work just fine.  In the future, I hope that my wife can continue to make costumes for the kids, but if I am in this situation again, I know exactly where to go.