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One of the olden goldies is Anne Of Green Gables The Sequel. Watch online as a grown up Anne returns to the screen. The classic tale of Anne is just one of our choices for movies to make you feel better.

Happy Go Lucky Reminds you that staying positive can change things for the better. Poppy is criticized, ignored and sometimes insulted, but always remains positive throughout everything life throws at her, adversity and relationships. It is not particularly ambitious, but that little (big) message is clear from beginning to end.

Anne Of Green Gables The Sequel. Watch online

Submarine is a short film that will leave you feeling oddly nostalgic and happy. Being a teenager is complicated and even more so for Oliver Tate with his strongly defined moral conscience but that he often refuses to act on. He is constantly confused, interfering in the lives of others in unconventional ways without a clear idea of what he wants.

The multiplot film Love Actually directed by Richard Curtis, set at Christmas time, guarantees immediate smiles. Not only filled with cheerful festivities, the film is full of characters who, despite facing adverse situations, get the best in their lives and it is that message of love triumphing that will lift your spirits.

Who has not imagined their perfect match? In this film Paul Dano lives the dream of everyone. After writing about what his ideal woman would be like, it becomes a reality; however, many dreams do not happen for a good reason and soon things begin to get out of control. Ruby Sparks is a reminder of how wonderful reality can be if we are open-minded.

Scott Pilgrim is a brilliant adaptation, which preserves details, humor and the general essence of the original comic. If you see Michael Cera fight, literally, against seven evil exes for the love of Ramona Flowers and that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.

From Scott Pilgrim to Anne Of Green Gables The Sequel watch online, there’s something for everyone.