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When we hear the word hormones, we rarely hear it linked to problems with losing weight. While the diet and fitness world is consumed with the latest fad routine, there are countless people who find it difficult to lose any weight no matter how hard they try. The delicate endocrine system plays a large role in your ability to lose weight, especially if you are a woman. If you feel like you keep trying and not seeing results, then here are three signs that your weight struggle might be hormone related.

Rapid Weight Gain/ Painfully Slow Weight Loss

When your endocrine system that’s out of lack it can lead to a number of different problems including rapid weight gain and painfully slow weight loss. A healthy individual should lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week when they choose to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, if you are someone who feels like it takes you two months just to lose 2 pounds, then there is a chance your endocrine system is not functioning properly. When this happens your body may actively store fat instead of burning it and you have to do five times as much work just to lose a little bit of weight.

Chronic Fatigue/ Sleep Trouble

Are you finding that your life is fueled by caffeine? One of the most overlooked signs of endocrine -related problems is that you feel chronically fatigued but still have trouble sleeping. The end result is being an individual who is frustrated by the fact they can never get adequate sleep and feel good about their day ahead. As a byproduct of both the stress and exhaustion, you’re likely to experience difficulties with weight loss.

Out of Control Cravings

It is one thing to feel hungry often, but if you feel like your body is constantly craving sugars, salty foods, carbs, and starches then it could be endocrine related. Although the degrees of endocrine problems can vary greatly, individuals who find that they have no self-control over their cravings of these foods are typically experiencing fluctuating insulin levels that are also contributing to their weight loss struggle.